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The Blues

Yo-han Franzen returns.

Yo-han Franzen returns.

OK, so the Wings suck at shootouts. Well, not Jason Williams, who is good for something, it appears. But Pavel Datsyuk AND Henrik Zetterbeg have to miss all the time?

Game #59: 65 points, 9th, 2 points out of 7th, 2 points ahead of 11th. All it takes is a little whoopsy and Dallas, Anaheim, Minnesota and even St. Louis are going to shoot past the Wings.

Score: Blues 4, Wings 3 (SO).

What I liked about the game: Ask me later. Oh, I’ve already had a day to think about it? How about Brad Stuart? He was plus-1 and now is only minus-14 for the season. Brett Ledba was plus-2. Johan Franzen played more than 17 minutes without getting hurt.

What I didn’t like the game: Sitting through the shootout. I could have fallen asleep two minutes earlier.

Quote: “It felt like the last game I played. I thought it was going to be worse. Better than I thought it was going to be.” — Johan Franzen

What is: The Wings have lost three in a row.

Mood meter: Can’t we all just be happy with ties?

2 Responses to “The Blues”

  1.   vinism Says:

    Do the Wings lead the league in shootout losses? I think they do, but I’ll have to double check. It could be that shootouts, which is something that can be practiced, will keep the Wings out of the playoffs.

  2.   Derek T Berry Wing Says:

    Hey blog author – this is a great blog…let’s see an update after the games eh! 🙂 Williams looked good tonight vs San Jose; Datsyuk was TERRIBLE in the D zone; Howard played well. Wings – 50 shots and only two to show for it although they had some REALLY good chances. Helm was making things happen. I like Filipula but sometimes he drives me nuts missing open nets. That PP in OT was poor. Not enough shooting on that PP. Can’t make mistakes against Sharks and Wings almost made some fatal ones. Nabokov stood on his head tonight. Having Franzen back is giving the Wings a new dimension. Saturday’s game vs Ottawa will be interesting.

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